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~ NEW ~
Natural Manzanita Wood Perches

Manzanita perches offer your feathered family member a natural way to exercise their feet
and legs. Choose natural or sandblaster textures. Natural manzanita perches have a smooth
deep reddish natural color, while sandblasted perches have a rougher lighter color. Manzanita
natural hardwood perch are extremely durable and non-toxic. We also have popular plastic, padded
twisted rope, and other perches your feathered friend will love.

Please note: Thickness and curves may vary. Like all natural wood items, as the wood dries some splitting may occur. Bolt and wing nut mounting hardware included with each perch.

Manzanita Natural Perch
Straight Natural Manzanita

Lovebird Size
1/2 inch thick X 8 inch long




Manzanita T-Stand
Manzanita Natural
T - Stand Perch
mounting hardware on bottom.

small 3"- 5" tall x 8" wide 3/8 - 1/2" thick
medium 8"-10 tall x 6-8" wide 1/2" thick (Lovebird)
large 9-10" tall x 12-14" wide X 1" thick




Plastic Twist on Perch

Plastic perches easily
attaches to cage, colors vary.




Padded Spiral
Bounce Perch 18 inch

Like branches on a tree this perch gently bounces as the bird moves, climbs and plays, it is soft on the bird's feet while providing great foot exercise. Loved by all birds, a bell hangs at one end, opposite end you'll find a quick link
for attaching perch.

Padded Rope Spiral
Bounce Perch 18 inch hanging



Cotton Rope Perch
bendable bird perch, made of specially woven, multi-colored
cotton that will soothe and exercise tender feet, while
adding visual excitement.







indoor and outdoor bird aviaries
indoor and outdoor bird aviaries

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