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Handfed Lovebird Breeder
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Welcome to Virginia Beach Lovebird.

Hello and Welcome to our site! We are delighted that you have taken the time to stop by and hope that we can provide you with a beautiful Hand Fed Peachface Lovebird or the bird related information you seek.

Virginia Beach Lovebird is actually an extension of our love we share for our lovebird family. It's a great hobby that my daughter and I share together. My daughter wanted a lovebird for her Birthday so we set out in search for the perfect lovie to make her smile. We checked all the local stores but none of the lovebirds seemed to be very tame. So I looked up some info online and talked to a few people who suggested a local breeder in Chesapeake.

We took their advice and made an appointment. There was so many to choose from and they were all very tame, friendly and beautiful. We looked at them all but then something special happened. A pretty White Face Blue lovebird that my daughter was admiring flew to me and would not leave my shoulder / finger.

Every time I put her down she would come back to me. Needless to say this behavior warmed my heart and I too had a new lovebird. My daughter chose a beautiful Violet Dilute lovie to bring home. They weren't quite ready to come home so we had to wait a little while.

During that time we had their DNA tested to find out if they were female and male , they both were girls so we began our quest for compatible males so that they would be true pairs. It took almost a year to find suitable males for our lady lovebirds but it was well worth the search. Storm and Patches are wonderful love bird additions to our family. They all have their own personalities but a true joy to have. We give our lovies lots of attention everyday. My daughter and were members of African Love Bird Society ( ALBS ) for many years.

As I'm sure you have guessed by now, our ladies chose their bo's and then the little ones were on the way. We enjoy sharing our lives with our lovies so much we wanted to help others find the perfect lovebird pet that would be tame and friendly. We'd love to keep each little hatchling, but we can not . Therefore, each newly hatched lovebird will be looking for a great new family and home to share their life with. So we decided to build our web site to let everyone know when we have new Handfed Peachface Lovebird babies available.

Over the years we have added several new birds to our flock. We breed lots of various peachface lovebird coloration /mutations. We have Normal greens, orangefaces, lutinos, orangeface lutinos, violets, pieds, creaminos, american cinnamons, seagreens, blues, opalines, if you don't the colors you're looking for, just ask, I'm sure we will have it soon. Since peachface lovebirds need to be DNA tested to know for sure what sex they are, we do have the DNA kits and can take the blood sample for FREE but you will have to pay the small lab fee charge of $25.

Look around we are constantly adding new information and things of interest to our site. We have cages, stand, play trays, stands, toys, interesting articles, questions and answer section and much more. If you see alittle lovie that just melts your heart or have a question, let us know we will be happy to help you.

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indoor and outdoor bird aviaries

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