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Meet Our Lovebird Flock

Sweet Basil is a seagreen opaline. She has produce beautiful babies but lost her mate Oregano in early 2017 and we introduced her to Skittles in 2018 and they are now becoming friends. So we will give them alittle time and see if they like each other.

Moonie, Apple Blossom
Moonie is our lightest (male) in color, white face cinnamon pied violet, he is a pale yellow/green with slightly darker green gray markings. He is an offspring of Dandelion and Patches. Apple, our olive green lovie has caught his eye and they now produce beautiful green pied and green violet babies.".

Tequila - Daphne
Tequila is a orange face lutino, we changed his name from Dandelion since we already have a Dandelion. Tequila is alittle shy and doesn't like being handled. We have paired him up with Daphne, an normal lutino lady She's quite fiesty.

Normal orange face & lutino lovebirds are a fairly new color mutation which began hatching in the 1980s. The shade of orange varies form deep dark orange to a light cream in color. Male orange lutino lovebirds are rare, but our Tequila and Daphne have produced at least one each clutch co far.

Sir Lancerlot & Guinevere. is a double dark violet opaline. Cute as can be. He's still alittle young to mate but we have recently found and are in the process of introducing him to his Queen Guinevere. they will be able to mate Sept 2013.

Opalines are newer mutation of peachface lovebirds, first hatched in 1997 by Becky Anderson in Michigan. They differ from normal peachface by their whole head being a diiferent color instead of just the front half or crown.

indoor and outdoor bird aviaries
indoor and outdoor bird aviaries

Odessa & Poseidon is our lucky pair, she's a double violet pied and her mate, is a white face violet lovebird. They produce the most beautiful double violet pied and violet babies you ever seen.

Lucky - Stormy - Retirees
Is a dark factor green peachface lovebird, She was a rescue lovie. Storm is a Medium whiteface violet peachface lovebird. He lost his mate so since he was an older birdie we introduced him to Lucky to see how they'd get along.

Little Bit - Coral -
Little Bit is an offspring of Nicholas and Pearl that was just alittle dinky birdie irdie that took alittle longer to wean, which lead to us getting attached so we kept him to pair with our pretty Coral, a beautiful orange face. These two have never had a successful clutch, but we love and enjoy them very much.

Hyper - Maggie - Retired
Meet Hypericum, (Hyper) a medium green/ ino/blue male and Magnolia (Maggie) whiteface creamino violet female lovebird. These two sweeties are our quite devoted to one another always pruning and feeding each other. They are alittle older so they are no longer breeding - only hanging around having fun each day.

our WF violet pied (male) Napoleon came to us from PA. He lost his mate and is currently single.

Poppy, Seafoam, Ricky and Lucy have also retired and moved to Lisa's Private Aviary Resort. :D

Meet Our Extended Lovebird Family

Our extended lovebird family members are lovebirds owned by my friend Lisa and reside in
Chesapeake where she provides lots of love and spoils them with not 1 but 3 large aviary "colony"
type lifestyle. Lisa's busy schedule of with her family and working as a nurse doesn't allow her
the time to handfed her occassional offspring so she shares her awesome babies with us.

Jack & Lauren - Jack is an orangeface pied, while Lauren is a beautiful Lutino. Both beautiful, healthy and vary active in their shared aviary flying about each day.

Beau & Bonnie - Beau and Bonnie are both beautiful normale red face peachface lovebirds. Bonnie is split lutino. their offspring include normals red face and lutino babies.

Nicholas & Pearl - Normal orangeface lovebirds, split lutino, they have the most beautiful lutino and orangeface babies.

indoor and outdoor bird aviaries
indoor and outdoor bird aviaries

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