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Handfed Lovebird Breeder
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Available Handfed Lovebird Babies
More Babies Available Soon
Single Lovebird Adoption fees $80 & Up
Discounts for Lovebird Pairs and multiple Bird Adoptions
multiple adoptions within 30 days

Sweet Hand Fed Lovebird Babies Available Soon!
we start taking deposits you will be able to
Click the lovebird band # link below
view that individual lovebird info and images.


Available Babies

On Eggs:
Basil & Skittles

Available Lovebird Babies

Love Bird Type

Band #

Hatch Date



Wean Goal


Non Refundable

























Reserved Lovebird Babies

Love Bird Type

Band #

Hatch Date



Wean Goal






& Basil





















































Available Adult / Breeder Lovebirds

Lovebird Type


Band #






















~ NEW ~ Lovebird News & Announcements


TBA = To Be Announced

Adoption fees start at $80.00 and do vary depending on the genetics of the lovebird you choose.
We do require a non-refundable deposit to reserve your love bird until it is weaned and picked up. No bird will be released until it is weaned and adoption fees are paid in full. You have 4 days to pick up birdie. If you need more time to pick it up, arrangements can be made for a small $3 a day boarding fee not to succeed more than 15 days. Boarding fees need to be paid at time of arrangement and are non-refundable. If you see a bird you like we suggest you reserve it right away for our birds are usually sold before they are weaned.
handfed lovebird babies

Please note:We do not sell unweaned birds.
Most Lovies are completely weaned by 8 weeks.
Sorry, we do not ship our lovebirds.

Each Peachface Lovebird comes with a "Take me Home" Package valued over $25.00 that includes:
  • Care package folder that includes care instructions and other helpful love bird information.
  • a hatch certificate Free Travel Cage W/ purchase
  • first wing clippings
  • sample bag of pellets,
  • sample bag of seed
  • piece of millet for the ride to their new home.
  • familiar toy they like
  • FREE Small "take me home" travel cage (value $13) W/ perch

  • Medium Deluxe Cage 9x7x11.5 cage $10 please note Upgrade Deluxe Travel Cage 9x7x11.5
    (value $20) with 2 feeder cups, perch and a swing
    Available for only $10.00 - when buying a bird

    Refunds or Replacement of lovebird is available under the conditon, you have it checked by a vet
    and you come across a chronic illness within 3 days of purchase ONLY. I realize accidents happen so I do give a $10 discount to those who want another bird to replace the one that had the accident.

    If you'd like to have your love bird DNA tested to verify if it is a male or female there is an additional $25.00 Fee and it takes about 2 weeks for the results to come in. Fee for this test must be paid before test can be sent to lab. We use Avian BioTech, a company located in Florida. Sorry but we do not refund testing fees.

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