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Meet Our Lovebird Pair
Patches & Dandelion

Dandelion, is a American Cinnamon Violet Dilute Peachface Lovebird. We
adopted her on April 5, 2006. She is a beautiful spring color with a splash of
orange across her forehead. She is very dominated and terrorial. Her mate,
Patches is a Medium Green Heavy Pied Peachface lovebird. He is a very
sweet bird, that will visit with anyone that wants to let him out of the cage.

Dandelion and Patches are very good parents. They have produced a variety
of lovebird babies in the past; Seagreens, blue and green pieds, dilutes,
green violets, white face blue. They are semi retired, Dandelion developed
a tumor in 2010 and can no longer have babies so we allow her to foster other
babies when ever needed. Her and Patches raise them as their own.

For a larger view click on the pictures below:
american cinnamon violet heavy green pied lovebird heavy green pied lovebird heavy green pied lovebird heavy green pied lovebird
heavy green pied lovebird heavy green pied lovebird heavy green pied lovebird stop plucking cape Patch has a boo boo

More Patches & Dandelion Pics
Currently - RETIRED

Click pictures for larger view.

beautiful tame green pied
Sadly our sweet little Patches passed away from
a wing injury April 14, 2013. We miss him very much.
He was a very beautiful bird and had a sweet personality,
he would go to anyone who wanted to give him attention.
He love to hang out on your shoulder and just be cuddily.
Rest in peace my sweet sweet lovie.
Patches 10/10/06 - 04/13/14

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