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Meet Our Lovebird Pair
Napoleon & Josephine

Napoleon, our Double Violet Pied (male) and Josephine dark seagreen violet (female) couple. Napoleon came to us from PA while Josephine is an offspring of Hyper and Maggie that we decided to kept because of her sweet temperment and beautiful coloring.

For a larger view click on the pictures below:

Meet Napoleon our handsome Double Violet Pied lovebird.

napoleon napoleon Pretty napoleon

Meet Josephine below, this gorgeous lovie is a Dark Seagreen violet.

double violet pied josephine purple, violet lovebird jose[hine purple, violet lovebird

They make a beautiful pair can't wait to see their offspring.

blue lovebirds white face violet pied josephine dark white face violet white face violet pied doubl violet and double violet pied

No Offspring at this time:
Click pictures for larger view.











































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