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Meet Our Lovebird Pair
Hyper & Maggie

Meet Hypericum, (Hyper) a medium green/ ino/blue male &
Magnolia (Maggie) whiteface creamino violet female lovebird.
These two sweeties are our quite devoted to one another they love
spending their day preening each other and hanging out together
on their favorite natural tree branch perches.

Hyper and Maggie
Maggie - whiteface creamino violet
Hyper - medium green/ ino/blue male

For a larger view click on the pictures below:
Hyper and Maggie Hyper and Maggie Hyper and Maggie
Hyper and Maggie Hyper and Maggie Hyper and Maggie

Hyper and Maggie's babies:
Click pictures for larger view.

Cobalt lovebird babies

baby cobalt

cobalt baby

cobalt feathering

cobalt lovebird

Cobalt (dark) seageen or seagreen violet babies are a mixture of

Cobalt wing feathering

Cobalt lovebird baby

cobalt baby

cobalt lovebird

cobalt lovebird

various colorations of green, blue and gray with violet blue tail

Creamino baby

Creamino lovebird

lovebird baby

creamino peachface lovebird baby

creamino lovebird has red eyes

Creamino - light yellow & cream w/ white or apricot crown

wf blue

whitefaced blue

white face blue lovebird

white face blue lovebird


Seagreen - various green & Blue,feathers cream face W/peach crown

lutino lovebird

baby lutino lovebird

hand fed lovebird baby

baby lutino lovebird


Lutino baby deep yellow with red face Lutino






Medium Greens are green with red face - pics coming soon







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