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Handfed Lovebird Breeder
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"Violet" Lovebird Baby below
is now being handfed and will soon be weaned

I am lovebird baby VBL - 229, I was hatched on 11/20/17. My parents are Poseidon & Odessa I am a violet peachface lovebird baby, I am currently being hand fed by my breeders. I should be fully weaned and ready for a new home between January 15th - January 22nd.. You can see me by scrolling down and clicking on the pictures below. If you think I'm just the cutest thing you've seen and would like to meet me in person call my breeder, Michele now and set a date for us to meet. If you'd like to know if I'm male or female not a problem, just pay a small lab fee and Michele can have me DNAed for you.

12/5/17 update
Pic Pages uploaded - We are NOT taking deposits yet!

12/10/17 update
I had new pics taken today you can see them below, I'm growing very fast. You can now reserve me by putting a deposit down on me and if you' dlike to know if I'm male or female - Michele can do a DNA test - you just have to pay the $25 lab fee

Click images for larger view.

violet blue lovebird    violet blue lovebird    violet blue lovebird
violet blue lovebird    violet blue lovebird    violet blue lovebird    violet blue lovebird

VBL-229 peachface lovebird baby
I am Available! : Adoption Fee $100 - -

Violet-lovebird fee - 100

When I'm ready to go home with you, my breeder includes lots of Free Stuff, which includes great information about me and lovebirds in general in a specially designed Care Package. So you will know how to properly take care of me and learn lots of cool information about me.

  • Care Package Folder with lots of lovebird care info
  • a hatch certificate Free Travel Cage W/ purchase
  • first wing clippings FREE
  • FREE sample bag of pellets,
  • FREE sample bag of seed
  • FREE sample bag of millet
  • piece of millet for the ride to their new home.
  • FREE toy
  • FREE "take me home" travel cage (value $13) W/ perch

    Medium Deluxe Cage 9x7x11.5 cage $10 PLEASE NOTE: you can also get a Medium Deluxe 9x7x11.5 take home cage
    (value $20) with 2 feeder cups, perch and a swing
    Available for only $10.00 - when buying a bird (colors vary)

    Call Me Today... I can't wait to meet you..

    Be sure to ask about the great deals on cages, stands and cage starter kits that are available : )

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