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Introducing my lovebird to a new mate or friend

Lovebirds do not need a mate to survive and actually make better pets when single but like any species, companion can bring both happiness and in some cases anxiety. Lovebirds love attention, and as you build your bond/relationship with the bird - you, yourself become the bird's mate and companion. In it's world, you are a flock member. Lovebirds love and thrive on attention, they love interaction with their companion (you) and some times when one can no longer spend as much time as they use to with their lovie they decide it's time to get him/her a mate.

In doing so there's a few questions that need to be answered, such as;
    Is my bird lonely/bored because I can no longer spend much time with it? Will I be able to spend at least the minimum time needed to keep both birds friendly? Do I want to cage the birds together or separate? Do I want to deal with breeding issues or get same sex birds?

One you've decided the answer to your question is "YES" then you need to learn the proper way of introducing a new bird to it's soon to be playmate. Younger birds will be more wiling and eager to accept a playmate, while older birds may take alittle time to get use to the idea of having another bird added to their flock/family.

It doesn't matter if you plan to cage the birds together or not, never just add a new bird into the cage with a pet bird that has already been established as a flock/family member. It will reject and see the new bird as a threat and intruder of its territory and may hurt or kill the new bird.

The proper way of introduction is:
Place the birds in separate cages side by side for at least 2 weeks, perferably 4 weeks. After about a week you can start to take the birds out of the cage together ( social time out of the cage) to get them use to being able to interact, never leave them unsupervised. Watch their react and behavior toward each other.

Take the new bird out first for about 10 to 15 minutes so you can begin a bond with him/her first, then allow the older established bird to come out and interact with both birds for about 15 - 30 minutes, always put the new bird back first so that you can spend an additional 10 - 15 minutes with your established bird to reassure it that you are not replacing him/her. Always offer a favorite treat/snack (ex: millet/seed ball) during and after social time to reward your lovie.

After the 4 weeks of introduction, you can begin testing their "cage together" phase. This is best done in a cage that is different than their own cages they are use to living in. The 30x18x18 divder cage is the perfect cage to use for the introduction and test "cage together" phases because you can use the divider allowing them to interact through the bars to get aquainted yet not be able to fight causing harm to one another. Once entered into the "cage together" phase you just removed the divider for alittle supervised together time, then place the divider back in until the next day when you allow them 'together time" again.

The cage that you plan to permanently house them in should be big enough to house both birds, allowing them room to fly/move around without bumping into each other or their toys / accessories. The perfect bar spacing for lovebirds is 1/2 inch but should never be more than 3/4 inch apart. My recommended choices for this is our 18x18x27 decorative cage or the 30x18x18 divider cage and the ultimate mansion for (2) two is the 30x18x36
carnival cage

Please feel free to contact me, I am happy to answer all questions you may have.

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