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Handfed Lovebird Breeder
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How to Handfeed Lovebirds

Handfeeding Lovebird babies:

Supplies needed:
  • heating pad
  • reptile box
  • large towel
  • carefresh
  • baby bird formula
  • syringe
  • small mixing cup
  • small container (to keep babies in during feeding)
  • lots of paper towels (lol)
    I pull my babies between the ages of 14 - 17 days
    all depends on their size. I move them from the
    nesting box to the baby box. See directions below
    to create your baby box.


    Baby Box instructions:
  • lay towel down on table
  • place heating pad in middle of towel on lowest setting
  • fold towel over heating pad
  • place reptile box on of that section so the heating pad can keep the box warm
  • place about 2 inches of carefresh across bottom of box to cushion and protect babies
  • I also place a tiny 3 inch stuffed animal in box with them to snuggle up against when there's only a 1 or 2 babies.

    Feeding Babies
    you will need to mix the baby food formula
    as directed on package

    the age/size of your babies will determine the amount of
    food they will need to be feed and how many times they
    need eat.

    I mix my formula in a small little bowl
    then put it in the syringe ALWAYS check the
    temperature so that you do not burn the babies crops

    you will want/need to place the syringe so that you are
    gently pushing the formula into the baby's mouth angeled across for mouth/beak area to feed on the left side only feed alittle at a time

    Check the chart For feeding schedule:

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