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Choose The Perfect Bird
submitted by Robert Lobitze

Getting a bird for a pet, whether it is a finch or a macaw requires some research prior to actually getting the bird. As with any other pet, birds need to be fed, watered and have their cage cleaned on a daily basis. First you must decide why you want a bird. Secondly, what are your space requirements, and last what breed of bird do you want

Why do You Want a Bird?

Why you want a bird may lead to what breeds of bird are most suited to you. For instance, say that you want a bird that will talk and can be handled. Research the bird breeds that known for friendliness and talking ability.

Do you want to show your bird off and have him talk non-stop when friends visit? While the African Grey Congo is one of the best talkers, they are also known to be shy and may not utter a word if a stranger is in the house. A Yellow Nape Amazon is also known for their talking abilities and doesn't care who is there to listen!

Space Requirements

Bird cages do take up an amount of space in your living area. How much space in your home can you devote to your new pet? Bird cages range in size from 18L x 18W x 20H (inches) for small birds, to 80L x 40W x 74H (inches) for the large birds.

While finches, parakeets, cockatiels, love birds and conures will be comfortable in an 18" x 18" cage, African Greys and Amazons need a minimum of 24" for wing spread. The Cockatoo and Macaws will require the largest cage available.

Great pricing on all bird cages can be found by doing an online search.

What Breed of Bird is Right for You?

By answering the question of why you want a bird, and determining how much space you can give to your new pet, you will have narrowed down your search considerably.

If handled correctly, birds will give years of loyalty and enjoyment to their owners.

TIP: Buy your bird from a reputable breeder; they will be honest with you about the breeds' traits and faults. Breeders possess a fount of knowledge about the breed you that you choose and birds in general. They will be willing to answer questions that may arise for as long as you own your pet.

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